Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Close the Opportunity Gap, We Need to Close the Vocabulary Gap - Bridging Differences - Education Week

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What is the achievement gap? It has been defined as the gap  in achievement that separates poor children and students of color from their more affluent peers. The achievement gap has been the focus of discussion, research and controversy for nearly 40 years. The good news is that the gap narrowed considerably through the late 1980s, particularly between blacks and whites; however, progress since then has been marginal — and the lack of achievement of minority students remains one of the most pressing problems in education.

Today, the average black or Hispanic high school student currently achieves at about the same level as the average white student in the lowest quartile of white achievement. Black and Hispanic students are much more likely than white students to fall behind in school and drop out, and much less likely to graduate from high school, acquire a college or advanced degree, or earn a middle-class living.

Are you asking the question "What does this have to do with preschool?" Well, studies report that three and four-year old children who are exposed to preschool have a greater chance of academic success throughout their schooling.
 Here are some interesting thoughts on the cause of the gap and how to close it.

To Close the 'Opportunity Gap,' We Need to Close the Vocabulary Gap - Bridging Differences - Education Week

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