Monday, May 6, 2013

Play Can Be an Effective Strategy for Assessment

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There is an extensive body of research about play and the positive effects on early childhood learning and development. In general, research shows strong links between creative play and language, physical, cognitive, and social development. Play is a healthy, essential part of childhood. Infants explore their world through their senses while adults in their world foster their development and learning through playing games with them. Toddlers engage in pretend play when they imitate actions and events they have experienced in their family life. As they grow into four and five year olds, young children engage more and more in play activities that expand their knowledge of the world around them, develop their motor skills, and focus on their peers.

The link below connects you to some information on using play in observation and assessment. What do you think about play as an assessment measure? Do you use it for your observations?
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Play Can Be an Effective Strategy for Assessment

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