Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Balance and Control of the Body

Movement requires children to balance and control their bodies. Children must acquire balance and control of their bodies so they can learn to do harder things like writing, joining in games, or playing sports.

Balance is controlling the body's position either in place or while moving. Kids learn balance with experience and practice.

Control means moving the body in an intentional way. Good small muscle control is needed to write, color, or cut or to use ball, bats, bikes, roller skates, etc. Here are some ideas to help the children in your care learn balance and control.

Kids can :
  • Ride a bike or trike, roller skate, get on a scooter
  • Try walking with stilts--you can make them with coffee cans and rope
  • Balance a beanbag on his head and walk around, trying to keep the beanbag balanced and in place--if this gets to easy have him slowly run around while keeping the beanbag on his head
  • Walk a tightrope. Challenge kids to walk along a rope or piece of tape positioned in a straight line on the ground. They should keep their feet on the line--no stepping off. As the kids improve, make a zigzag, curve, or circle.
Books Suggestions:

Lady Bug Girl and Bumble Bee Boy by Jacky Davis

Tai Chi for Kids: Move with the Animals by Stuart Alve Olson

What are some ways that you encourage movement with children in your care?

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